Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Slider Truck

Still missing several recent events in the blog, along with Cirque part 2, I will catch up.  In the meantime, I took a quick trip out for lunch today, to catch up with the new slider truck in town.

This was only their second day out on the road, but they were very happy and friendly to have some adventurous Twitter folks join them for lunch.  @PokerVixen and I headed out there around 2pm this afternoon, to their location in a parking lot at Buffalo & Flamingo.

I ordered two of the Pep Pep Sliders ($2 each), classic burger with tomato, lettuce, cheese & bacon, along with a secret sauce of the thousand island variety.  Joined it with a lovely glass bottle, real sugar coke for a filling and satisfying meal.

We chatted with Ricardo the driving force behind the truck and watched as the nearby high school kids also stopped in for a burger or soda.  There were also many gawkers driving by on Buffalo wondering what was going on.  I will definitely be looking up the Slider Truck again in the near future.

The Slider Truck can be found on Twitter (@SliderTruck), Facebook and at their website.  You can also check out my Foodspotting submission for a picture of the meal.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cirque Viva Elvis Bloggers Night Part 1

We were back with Cirque a couple weeks ago to celebrate the opening of their newest show, Viva Elvis.  This newest resident show is hosted at the new Aria Hotel in City Center.

It was my first opportunity to visit the recently opened City Center and although we spent most of the time in the Aria, over all the place was very impressive.  My party arrived early to pick up our tickets, and were nearly rundown by Gene Simmons body guards.  Quite an auspicious start to the evening.

We made our way to the ticket booth, procured our passes and headed out to explore the Aria before the show.  We took a tour around the second and first floors, checking out the bars and looking for a place to have a drink.  We finally settled on the centrally located City Bar for one of their signature cocktails.  Some other friends found us there (thanks GoWalla!) and joined us there for a pre show drink.

We headed back up to the theater and watched a bit of the "Blue Carpet", most of the stars waited until really late to start heading into the show.  There was really too many cameras and press to get a really good look at the folks "arriving".  They had been partying at a pre show event next to the "Blue Carpet".

We all ended up heading into the show to find our seats, since we were scattered in a few different sections.  @Stormyiz and I ended up in a row with some other friends and in a good spot to watch the celebreties.  Notable, along with our decriptors were:

Chris "Mr Big" Noth, actually we watch the Good Wife, his current show, so we keep telling people how good a show it is.

Lawrence Fishburn, yeah the guy from the Matrix.

Hilton Perez, who cares, but apparently he knows that really short guy Ryan Seacrest.

Jeff Probst who looked just like he does on Survivor with little rolled up sleeves and epalets, I should talk, I just

purchased stock in epaleted shirts.  The eighties are back!

That guy from Prison Break.

Regis Philbin and his wife, who ignored the ushers request to wait for someone to bring you to your seat, she thought we

had their row and they needed 3 seats, not the 2 empties between us and another couple.

Andrew Dice "you can see him from space" Clay

NPH, the NPH, with his bow tie shirt and boyfriend.  If I have to explain this one, you really shouldn't be reading my blog, or back to the 2008 entries and figure out.

We spotted some others, but really there were a lot of Vegas celebs and minor tv celebs, still it was fun if you watch tv.  A lot of our friends apparently do not, hence the interesting descriptors.

So on with show, in the next blog post, forthcoming.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Catching Up

Falling behind on the ole blogging, I have one huge event in the Cirque Viva Elvis premier that I am working on now, trying to knock that out.  There were some other small events in the past few weeks that may or may not end up getting covered, including a Hilton Tweetup, Snug Crawl and others.

Upcoming is the Lake Las Vegas Beer Fest in a couple Saturdays, St. Patrick's Day and many Gowalla inspired trips.  Hoping to get caught up soon, really need to start pushing from the mobile again, because I am out there busy doing these things, leaving little time to write about them!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Beer & Blog, GoWalla, SuperBowl & More

One busy week sandwiched in between two busy weekends had caused me to fall behind in my blogging duties. Not to make it sound like it's a job or anything, but it is a lot of work in my spare time. So let's do a recap of what happened this week.

Beer & Blog last Thursday on another side of town, nice dynamic, nice turn out and super great service and co operation from Gordon Biersch (@Gordon_Biersch). We had a good time and some great discussion that evening.

Friday night featured the new tapas style addition to Town Square, Cana.  I enjoyed a couple cocktails and some tastes of serveral dishes, over all it was very good, but a tad pricey.  They are rolling out a happy hour menu very soon, so we are looking forward to a return visit.

Also rolled downtown on Friday night and enjoyed the new Hardway IPA at the Chicago Brewing Company, nestled atop the Four Queens Casino. 

Going into the weekend we had dinner trip planned to head out to the Nellis area of town and visit the Big Dogs Bar & Grill. Manya (@Manya) needed to add the location (along with a few from the Friday evening excursions) into her GoWalla Las Vegas brewery trip.  So we headed down there for a nice dinner at the older establishment.  Bit of a different vibe from the Draft House where we spend a lot of time, but same good beer and food.

Also did a ton of shopping over the weekend for our planned Super Bowl party this weekend. Got me a lot of stamps and visits in FourSquare (@FourSquare) and GoWalla (@GoWalla). Not as many as I would have liked in GoWalla as suddenly the ability to add new venues on mobile web for the Android platform was missing.

Moving into the week I ended up going out Monday & Tuesday, knowing I had plans on Wednesday for the previously mentioned GoWalla Swapmeet A large number of met up at Diablo's Cantina to exchange items, and get some swag that the kind folks that develop GoWalla sent along.

There may have been an excessive number of check ins that evening, but hey, when you are in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip... it's hard not to sneak a few drive by check ins.

Beer & Blog last night was back at the Frog, which had an excellent set of taps last night. All currently updated on (@Taplister), check it out to find out what craft beers are on tap around town. Another good turnout for Beer & Blog, the new year is starting out strong.

Finally heading into the 5pm on a Friday, anxious to get home and get prepping for the party on Sunday. Another huge week next week, pretty full with upcoming events.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gordon Biersch HellesBock Tapping Party

Give it up to Gordon Biersch, they know how to throw a good party.  Last night was no exception as we were treated to a taste of their new brew and some good food.

I used to frequent GB in the SF bay area at their many locations.  So it is not surprising that it has recently become my go to spot of choice.  It also doesn't hurt that they have one of the best happy hours in town.

Last night was another tapping party, I had been to the Winterbock tapping party a few months back and had a great time.  Last night was for their German style HellesBock, a  nice hoppy number with ample bitterness, a nice amber in color, clocking in at 28 BPUs and 8% alcohol.

The brewmaster explained they made the beer to pair with the existing menu, as they had just revamped the regular menu and did not roll out a special menu for this particular beer.  We enjoyed their tapas appetizer (pita bread with olive tapanad, roasted garlic, sundried tomatoes & hummus), garlic fries and pepperoni pizza at last nights tasting.

Neal (@NealMason) joined me for last nights event and we hung around after it was over, meeting some of the other folks in attendance.  Although last night was not as jam packed as the Winterbock tasting, a good time was had by all!